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Trends in Genetics

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Trends in Genetics was launched in 1985 and quickly became a “must read” journal for geneticists, known for its concise, accessible articles on a range of topics from developmental biology to evolution. This tradition continues today, and TiG remains a favorite in the community for its distinctive content. As the field has changed, though, so too has the scope of the journal, which now encompasses new areas, such as genomics, epigenetics, and computational genetics, while continuing to cover traditional subjects like transcriptional regulation, population genetics, and chromosome biology. The core aim of the journal, however, is still to provide researchers and students with high-quality, novel reviews, commentaries, and discussions and, above all, to foster an appreciation for the advances being made on all fronts of genetic research.

Each issue of TiG contains concise, lively and up-to-date Reviews and Opinions as well as a variety of shorter articles, such as Science & Society and Spotlight pieces. Reviews are invited from leading researchers in a specific field and objectively chronicle recent and important developments. Opinon articles provide a forum for debate and hypothesis, and shorter articles discuss aspects of genetics at the intersection of science and policy as well as emerging ideas in the field. All articles are peer-reviewed.

TiG welcomes correspondence. The decision to publish rests with the Editor, and the author(s) of any article discussed in a Letter will normally be invited to reply. Letters may address topics raised in recent issues of the journal, or other matters of general interest to geneticists.