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Mechanisms of Development


Mechanisms of Development is an international journal that communicates current studies in developmental biology in any model system like animals and plants, these may focus on molecular and/or cellular mechanisms. MOD is the official journal of The International Society of Developmental Biologists (ISDB - http://www.developmental-biology.org) which supports the world-wide community of developmental biologists.

Areas of particular interest include:

  • Cell and tissue morphogenesis including migration, shape and polarity, and the roles of physical forces in development
  • Developmental cell biology
  • Regulation of stem cell and progenitor maintenance and cell differentiation
  • Evolution of developmental mechanisms
  • Pre and/or post-embryonic development of tissues and organs

Manuscripts involving in vitro approaches to study mechanisms relevant to developmental biology; e.g., cell culture assays to study stem cell properties or basic cell biological mechanisms are also accepted and we also welcome studies using modelling approaches that are firmly rooted in experimental data.

Mechanisms of Development does not publish descriptive studies of gene expression patterns and molecular screens; for submission of such studies see Gene Expression Patterns