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Neurology, Psychiatry and Brain Research


The journal has a focus on international and interdisciplinary basic research with clinical relevanceTranslational research is particularly appreciated. Authors are allowed to submit their manuscript in their native language as supplemental data to the English version.

Neurology, Psychiatry & Brain Research is related to the oldest German speaking journal in this field, the Centralblatt fur Nervenheilkunde, Psychiatrie und gerichtliche Psychopathologie, founded in 1878. The tradition and idea of previous famous editors (Alois Alzheimer and Kurt Schneider among others) was continued in modernized form with Neurology, Psychiatry & Brain Research. Centralblatt was a journal of broad scope and relevance, now Neurology, Psychiatry & Brain Research represents a journal with translational and interdisciplinary perspective, focusing on clinically oriented research in psychiatry, neurology and neighboring fields of neurosciences and psychology/psychotherapy with a preference for biologically oriented research including basic research. Preference is given for papers from newly emerging fields, like clinical psychoimmunology/neuroimmunology, and ideas.