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Developmental Biology

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Developmental Biology (DB) publishes original research on mechanisms of developmentdifferentiation, and growth in animals and plants at the molecular, cellular, genetic and evolutionary levels. Areas of particular emphasis include transcriptional control mechanisms, embryonic patterning, cell-cell interactions, growth factors and signal transduction, and regulatory hierarchies in developing plants and animals.

Research Areas Include:

• Molecular genetics of development
• Control of gene expression
• Cell interactions and cell-matrix interactions
• Mechanisms of differentiation
• Growth factors and oncogenes
• Regulation of stem cell populations
• Evolution of developmental control
• Gametogenesis and fertilization

DB authors can choose among a selection of article types– research papers, short communications, technical reports, resource papers, reviews and perspectives – and benefit from academic editors who are practicing scientists, fast publication, no color figures or page charges, flexible publication (open access or subscription) and a vast readership with more than 3 million downloads a year.

Subscription articles published in Developmental Biology will become accessible to non-subscribers 12 months after publication on ScienceDirect. SDB members benefit from immediate free online access to all published articles.