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The Journal of Physiological Sciences


The Journal of Physiological Sciences publishes peer-reviewed original papers, reviews, short communications, technical notes, and letters to the editor, based on the principles and theories of modern physiology and addressed to the international scientific community. Coverage reaches all fields of physiology, encompassing molecular, cellular and systems physiology.

The topics presented include adaptation and environment; autonomic nervous function; biophysics; cell sensors and signaling; Central nervous system and brain sciences; Endocrinology and metabolism; Excitable membranes and neural cell physiology; Exercise physiology; Gastrointestinal and kidney physiology; Heart and circulatory physiology; Molecular and cellular physiology; Muscle physiology; Physiome/systems biology; Respiration physiology; and Senses.

Founded in 1927 as the Japanese Journal of Medical Sciences III, Biophysics, the journal emphasizes human and vertebrate physiology, but considers comparative papers as well.