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Advances in Radiation Oncology

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Advances in Radiation Oncology is a peer reviewed, wide-ranging open access journal from the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO). Included in PubMed Central, Advances complements the research in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology • Biology • Physics and Practical Radiation Oncology. The mission of Advances in Radiation Oncology is to provide original clinical research aimed at improving the lives of people living with cancer and other diseases treated with radiation therapy. The purpose of Advances is to provide information for clinicians who use radiation therapy by publishing:
  • Clinical trial reports and reanalyses.
  • Basic science original reports.
  • Manuscripts examining health services research, comparative and cost effectiveness research, and systematic reviews.
  • Case reports documenting unusual problems and solutions.
  • High quality multi and single institutional series, as well as other novel retrospective hypothesis generating series.
  • Timely critical reviews on important topics in radiation oncology, such as side effects.
  • Articles reporting the natural history of disease and patterns of failure, particularly as they relate to treatment volume delineation.
  • Articles on safety and quality in radiation therapy.
  • Essays on clinical experience.
  • Articles on practice transformation in radiation oncology, in particular:
    • Aspects of health policy that may impact the future practice of radiation oncology.
    • How information technology, such as data analytics and systems innovations, will change radiation oncology practice.
  • Articles on imaging as they relate to radiation therapy treatment.