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Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine


The Ministry of Health and Welfare serves as the primary sponsor, as well as acting as co-owners with JTCM
The electronic Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine (eJTCM) is a quarterly open-access journal that covers the fields of traditional medicine, herbal medicine, and dietary therapy. The Journal provides a global platform for discussion, perspectives and research on traditional and Complementary medicine. eJTCM focuses on both Eastern and Western complementary medicine and welcomes articles from all medical perspectives.

Major topics covered include:
  • Traditional and Herbal Medicine;
  • Preventive Medicine;
  • Dietary Therapy/Nutrition Supplements;
  • History, Philosophy and Social-Cultural Aspects of Traditional Medicine.

All articles published in the Journal, including perspectives, review, original articles, and short communications are the original content of the authors. eJTCM considers the Quality Control and the procedures for the preparation and characterization of herbal medicines, as well as the authentication of dietary supplements, as basic requirements to guarantee efficacy, safety and reproducibility in Traditional and Complementary Medicine. eJTCM encourages submissions which present observation and experimental investigation in translational and clinical studies, animal experiments, and in vivo/in vitro studies. Particular emphasis is given to the pathophysiological basis and the cellular-molecular mechanisms that underlie the beneficial effects of Traditional and Complementary Medicine.

Abstracting and Indexing information
eJTCM is indexed with PubMed, Scopus, Google Scholar, Caspur, CINAHL, DOAJ, EBSCO Publishing's Electronic Databases, OpenJGate, ProQuest, SCOLOAR, Summon by Serial Solutions, and Tropical Diseases Bulletin and we are currently undergoing the application process to SCI.


Open access – Free to view, download; the articles may be cited by a larger audience.
No processing charge – accepted articles are published without cost.
Simple submission – convenient online submission procedure.
Peer-review – rigorous peer review by experts.
Speedy publication – immediate publication on acceptance.
Search facility for Chinese medical terms – eJTCM offers an online Chinese-English English-Chinese Medical Dictionary, hosted by Paradigm Publications, to enable writers to apply its in-house terminology.
Distinctive and friendly TCM terminology – the technical terms of Chinese medicine are simultaneously given in English, Chinese, and its Pinyin transliteration. Here are the examples, Gastrodiae Rhizoma (天麻, tiān má).
Accepted by Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT) as a qualified journal for evaluation of the teaching hospitals.