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Journal of Clinical Immunology


The Journal of Clinical Immunology is an international journal that publishes high impact papers in the area of human immunology that explore the diagnosis, pathogenesis, prognosis, or treatment of human diseases. The Journal is particularly focused on primary immunodeficiencies and related diseases. These include inborn errors of immunity, in the broad sense of the term, their underlying genotypes, and their diverse phenotypes, including infection, malignancy, allergy, auto-inflammation, and autoimmunity. We consider a wide range of studies in this area, ranging from genetic discovery, clinical description, immunologic assessment, diagnostic approach, prognosis evaluation, and treatment intervention. This well-established journal publishes articles on basic, translational, and clinical studies including relevant animal models and case reports of general significance.

  • Publishes high impact papers with a focus on primary immunodeficiencies and related diseases
  • Offers articles on basic, translational and clinical studies of immunology
  • Keeps researchers and academics current on developments in immunology