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Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics

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2010 - 2019
ISSN: 1868-4300 (Print) 1868-4297 (Online)

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Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics (CVIT) is an international journal which spans the field of cardiovascular disease. Coverage includes cardiac (coronary and non-coronary) and peripheral interventions and therapeutics. CVIT offers original articles, images in cardiovascular intervention and invited review articles. All articles are subject to peer review and complete editorial evaluation prior to acceptance for publication. CVIT is an official journal of The Japanese Society for Interventional Cardiology, the largest Japanese society in its field.

  • Covers the length and breadth of cardiac and peripheral interventions and therapeutics
  • Publishes original articles, images in cardiovascular intervention and invited review articles
  • 100% of authors who answered a survey reported that they would definitely publish or probably publish in the journal again