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Interdisciplinary Neurosurgery

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Interdisciplinary Neurosurgery: Advanced Techniques and Case Management is an open access journal, devoted to the publication of manuscripts of original work and review articles in the field of interdisciplinary neurosurgery, promoting excellence and advances in complex neurosurgical situations pioneering neurosurgical techniques , including case series and technical notes. The subject should reflect the contemporary challenges and evolving opportunities in modern neurosurgery, such as modified approaches and surgical planning based on image guided surgical techniques and/or new treatment concepts that support translation of research aspects in the field of neurorestoration and neuroregeneration in the management of neurosurgical patients. Additionally, cases with "lessons learned" that advance understanding of avoidance of complication and encourage prospective trials on matters poorly understood in neurosurgical disease management are encouraged. Original work and research, as well as rare case scenarios and pioneering techniques and approaches to a neurosurgical and neurological disease or pathology that underline the interdisciplinary value of managing neurosurgical problems will be prioritized.